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2.14. pqos

The pqos utility, which is available from the intel-cmt-cat package, enables you to both monitor and control CPU cache and memory bandwidth on recent Intel processors. You can use it for workload isolation and improving performance determinism in multitenant deployments.
It exposes the following processor capabilities from the Resource Director Technology (RDT) feature set:
  • Last Level Cache (LLC) usage and contention monitoring using the Cache Monitoring Technology (CMT)
  • Per-thread memory bandwidth monitoring using the Memory Bandwidth Monitoring (MBM) technology
  • Controlling the amount of LLC space that is available for specific threads and processes using the Cache Allocation Technology (CAT)
  • Controlling code and data placement in the LLC using the Code and Data Prioritization (CDP) technology
Use the following command to list the RDT capabilities supported on your system and to display the current RDT configuration:
# pqos --show --verbose

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