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2.9. numastat

The numastat tool displays memory statistics for processes and the operating system on a per-NUMA-node basis.
By default, numastat displays per-node NUMA hit an miss system statistics from the kernel memory allocator. Optimal performance is indicated by high numa_hit values and low numa_miss values. Numastat also provides a number of command line options, which can show how system and process memory is distributed across NUMA nodes in the system.
It can be useful to cross-reference per-node numastat output with per-CPU top output to verify that process threads are running on the same node to which memory is allocated.
Numastat is provided by the numactl package. For details about how to use numastat, see Section A.11, “numastat”. For further information about numastat, see the man page:
$ man numastat