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11.3. Understanding the Predictable Network Interface Device Names

The names have two-character prefixes based on the type of interface:
  1. en for Ethernet,
  2. wl for wireless LAN (WLAN),
  3. ww for wireless wide area network (WWAN).
The names have the following types:
on-board device index number
hotplug slot index number. All multi-function PCI devices will carry the [f<function>] number in the device name, including the function 0 device.
MAC address
PCI geographical location. In PCI geographical location, the [P<domain>] number is only mentioned if the value is not 0. For example:
USB port number chain. For USB devices, the full chain of port numbers of hubs is composed. If the name gets longer than the maximum number of 15 characters, the name is not exported. If there are multiple USB devices in the chain, the default values for USB configuration descriptors (c1) and USB interface descriptors (i0) are suppressed.