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1.4. Setting the Wireless Regulatory Domain

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the crda package contains the Central Regulatory Domain Agent that provides the kernel with the wireless regulatory rules for a given jurisdiction. It is used by certain udev scripts and should not be run manually unless debugging udev scripts. The kernel runs crda by sending a udev event upon a new regulatory domain change. Regulatory domain changes are triggered by the Linux wireless subsystem (IEEE-802.11). This subsystem uses the regulatory.bin file to keep its regulatory database information.
The setregdomain utility sets the regulatory domain for your system. Setregdomain takes no arguments and is usually called through system script such as udev rather than manually by the administrator. If a country code look-up fails, the system administrator can define the COUNTRY environment variable in the /etc/sysconfig/regdomain file.
See the following man pages for more information about the regulatory domain:
  • setregdomain(1) man page — Sets regulatory domain based on country code.
  • crda(8) man page — Sends to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a given ISO or IEC 3166 alpha2.
  • regulatory.bin(5) man page — Shows the Linux wireless regulatory database.
  • iw(8) man page — Shows or manipulates wireless devices and their configuration.