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11.4. Naming Scheme for Network Devices Available for Linux on System z

Use the bus-ID to create predictable device names for network interfaces in Linux on System z instances. The bus-ID identifies a device in the s390 channel subsystem. A bus ID identifies the device within the scope of a Linux instance. For a CCW device, the bus ID is the device's device number with a leading 0.n, where n is the subchannel set ID. For example, 0.1.0ab1.
Network interfaces of device type Ethernet are named as follows:
CTC network devices of device type SLIP are named as follows:
Use the znetconf -c command or the lscss -a command to display available network devices and their bus-IDs.

Table 11.1. Device Name Types for Linux on System z

enccwbus-IDdevice type Ethernet
slccwbus-IDCTC network devices of device type SLIP