1.2. IP Networks versus non-IP Networks

Most modern networks fall into one of two very broad categories: IP based networks. These are all networks that communicate through Internet Protocol addresses, which is the standard for the Internet and for most internal networks today. This generally includes Ethernet, Cable Modems, DSL Modems, dial up modems, wireless networks, VPN connections and more.
Then there are non-IP based networks. These are usually very specific niche networks, but one in particular has grown in usage enough to warrant mention here and that is InfiniBand. Because InfiniBand is not an IP network, many features and configurations normally used on IP networks are not applicable to InfiniBand. Chapter 9, Configure InfiniBand and RDMA Networks in this guide covers the specific requirements of configuring and administrating an InfiniBand network and also the broader class of RDMA capable devices.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not provide consistent naming when attempting to use the ethX naming convention. For more information, see Section 8.10, “Troubleshooting Network Device Naming”