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3.7. Configuring IP Networking from the Kernel Command line

When connecting to the root file system on an iSCSI target from an interface, the network settings are not configured on the installed system. For solution of this problem:
  1. Install the dracut utility. For information on using dracut, see Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administrator's Guide
  2. Set the configuration using the ip option on the kernel command line:
    • dhcp - DHCP configuration
    • dhpc6 - DHCP IPv6 configuration
    • auto6 - automatic IPv6 configuration
    • on, any - any protocol available in the kernel (default)
    • none, off - no autoconfiguration, static network configuration
    For example:
  3. Set the name server configuration:
    nameserver=srv1 [nameserver=srv2 [nameserver=srv3 […]]]
The dracut utility sets up a network connection and generates new ifcfg files that can be copied to the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ file.