12.13. Configure IPoIB Using a GUI

To configure an InfiniBand connection using a graphical tool, use nm-connection-editor

Procedure 12.4. Adding a New InfiniBand Connection Using nm-connection-editor

  1. Enter nm-connection-editor in a terminal:
    ~]$ nm-connection-editor
  2. Click the Add button. The Choose a Connection Type window appears. Select InfiniBand and click Create. The Editing InfiniBand connection 1 window appears.
  3. On the InfiniBand tab, select the transport mode from the drop-down list you want to use for the InfiniBand connection.
  4. Enter the InfiniBand MAC address.
  5. Review and confirm the settings and then click the Save button.
  6. Edit the InfiniBand-specific settings by referring to Section 12.13.1, “Configuring the InfiniBand Tab”.

Procedure 12.5. Editing an Existing InfiniBand Connection

Follow these steps to edit an existing InfiniBand connection.
  1. Enter nm-connection-editor in a terminal:
    ~]$ nm-connection-editor
  2. Select the connection you want to edit and click the Edit button.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Configure the connection name, auto-connect behavior, and availability settings.
    Five settings in the Editing dialog are common to all connection types, see the General tab:
    • Connection name — Enter a descriptive name for your network connection. This name will be used to list this connection in the menu of the Network window.
    • Automatically connect to this network when it is available — Select this box if you want NetworkManager to auto-connect to this connection when it is available. See the section called “Editing an Existing Connection with control-center” for more information.
    • All users may connect to this network — Select this box to create a connection available to all users on the system. Changing this setting may require root privileges. See Section 3.4.5, “Managing System-wide and Private Connection Profiles with a GUI” for details.
    • Automatically connect to VPN when using this connection — Select this box if you want NetworkManager to auto-connect to a VPN connection when it is available. Select the VPN from the drop-down menu.
    • Firewall Zone — Select the Firewall Zone from the drop-down menu. See the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Security Guide for more information on Firewall Zones.
  5. Edit the InfiniBand-specific settings by referring to the Section 12.13.1, “Configuring the InfiniBand Tab”.

Saving Your New (or Modified) Connection and Making Further Configurations

Once you have finished editing your InfiniBand connection, click the Save button to save your customized configuration.
Then, to configure:

12.13.1. Configuring the InfiniBand Tab

If you have already added a new InfiniBand connection (see Procedure 12.4, “Adding a New InfiniBand Connection Using nm-connection-editor” for instructions), you can edit the InfiniBand tab to set the parent interface and the InfiniBand ID.
Transport mode
Datagram or Connected mode can be selected from the drop-down list. Select the same mode the rest of your IPoIB network is using.
Device MAC address
The MAC address of the InfiniBand capable device to be used for the InfiniBand network traffic.This hardware address field will be pre-filled if you have InfiniBand hardware installed.
Optionally sets a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size to be used for packets to be sent over the InfiniBand connection.