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8.3. Comparison of Network Teaming to Bonding

Table 8.1. A Comparison of Features in Bonding and Team

broadcast Tx policyYesYes
round-robin Tx policyYesYes
active-backup Tx policyYesYes
LACP (802.3ad) supportYes (active only)Yes
Hash-based Tx policyYesYes
User can set hash functionNoYes
Tx load-balancing support (TLB)YesYes
LACP hash port selectYesYes
load-balancing for LACP supportNoYes
Ethtool link monitoringYesYes
ARP link monitoringYesYes
NS/NA (IPv6) link monitoringNoYes
ports up/down delaysYesYes
port priorities and stickiness (primary option enhancement)NoYes
separate per-port link monitoring setupNoYes
multiple link monitoring setupLimitedYes
lockless Tx/Rx pathNo (rwlock)Yes (RCU)
VLAN supportYesYes
user-space runtime controlLimitedFull
Logic in user-spaceNoYes
Modular designNoYes
Performance overheadLowVery Low
D-Bus interfaceNoYes
multiple device stackingYesYes
zero config using LLDPNo(in planning)
NetworkManager supportYesYes