Chapter 15. Squid

This chapter deals with Squid, a high performance proxy caching server for web clients. In this section, you can read on how to configure Squid, how to authenticate, and block access with Squid.

15.1. Introduction to Squid

Squid is a proxy web server that optimizes website operation by caching pages so that they load more quickly, thereby improving the response time for the pages that users access most frequently. Squid provides proxy and cache services for Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and other popular protocols. Squid is mostly used for speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests, aiding security by filtering traffic, or for limiting user access to specific pages.
Squid supports FTP, gopher, ICAP, ICP, HTCP, and HTTP data objects.
Squid consists of:
  • a main server program Squid
  • optional programs for custom processing and authentication
  • management and client tools