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Appendix A. Red Hat Customer Portal Labs Relevant to Networking

Red Hat Customer Portal Labs are tools designed to help you improve performance, troubleshoot issues, identify security problems, and optimize configuration. This appendix provides an overview of Red Hat Customer Portal Labs relevant to networking. All Red Hat Customer Portal Labs are available at

Bridge Configuration

The Bridge Configuration is designed to configure a bridged network interface for applications such as KVM using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 or later.

Network Bonding Helper

The Network Bonding Helper allows administrators to bind multiple Network Interface Controllers together into a single channel using the bonding kernel module and the bonding network interface.
Use the Network Bonding Helper to enable two or more network interfaces to act as one bonding interface.

Packet capture syntax generator

The Packet capture syntax generator helps you to capture network packets.
Use the Packet capture syntax generator to generate the tcpdump command that selects an interface and then prints information to the console. You need root access to enter the command.