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B.2. The lvmconfig Command

You can display the current LVM configuration, or save the configuration to a file, with the lvmconfig command. There are a variety of features that the lvmconfig command provides, including the following;
  • You can dump the current lvm configuration merged with any tag configuration files.
  • You can dump all current configuration settings for which the values differ from the defaults.
  • You can dump all new configuration settings introduced in the current LVM version, in a specific LVM version.
  • You can dump all configuration settings that can be customized in a profile, either in their entirety or separately for command and metadata profiles. For information on LVM profiles see Section B.3, “LVM Profiles”.
  • You can dump only the configuration settings for a specific version of LVM.
  • You can validate the current configuration.
For a full list of supported features and information on specifying the lvmconfig options, see the lvmconfig man page.