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21.5. Miscellaneous Parameters

The following parameters can be defined in a parameter file but do not work in a CMS configuration file.
Turns on testing of an ISO-based installation source; for example, when booted from an FCP-attached DVD or using inst.repo= with an ISO on local hard disk or mounted with NFS.
Disables support for multipath devices.
Specify a proxy to use with installation over HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.
Boot into a rescue system running from a RAM disk that can be used to fix and restore an installed system.
Specifies a path to an install.img file instead of to an installation source. Otherwise, follows the same syntax as inst.repo=. If inst.stage2 is specified, it typically takes precedence over other methods of finding install.img. However, if Anaconda finds install.img on local media, the inst.stage2 URL will be ignored.
If inst.stage2 is not specified and install.img cannot be found locally, Anaconda looks to the location given by inst.repo= or method=.
If only inst.stage2= is given without inst.repo= or method=, Anaconda uses whatever repos the installed system would have enabled by default for installation.
Use the option multiple times to specify multiple HTTP, HTTPS or FTP sources. The HTTP, HTTPS or FTP paths are then tried sequentially until one succeeds:
inst.stage2=host1/install.img inst.stage2=host2/install.img inst.stage3=host3/install.img
Sends log messages to a remote syslog server.
The boot parameters described here are the most useful for installations and trouble shooting on IBM Z, but only a subset of those that influence the installation program. See Chapter 23, Boot Options for a more complete list of available boot parameters.