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10.5. Supported Installation Targets

An installation target is a storage device that will store Red Hat Enterprise Linux and boot the system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports the following installation targets for AMD64 and Intel 64 systems:
  • Storage connected by a standard internal interface, such as SCSI, SATA, or SAS
  • Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters and multipath devices. Some can require vendor-provided drivers.
  • Virtualized installation on IBM Power Systems servers is also supported when using Virtual SCSI (vSCSI) adapters in virtual client LPARs
Red Hat does not support installation to USB drives or SD memory cards. For information about the support for third-party virtualization technologies, see the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List, available online at


On IBM Power Systems servers, the eHEA module fails to initialize if 16GB huge pages are assigned to a system or partition and the kernel command line does not contain the huge page parameters. Therefore, when you perform a network installation through an IBM eHEA ethernet adapter, you cannot assign huge pages to the system or partition during the installation. Use large pages instead.