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10.7. Disk Space and Memory Requirements

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, like most current operating systems, uses disk partitions. When you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you have to work with disk partitions. For more information about disk partitions, see Appendix A, An Introduction to Disk Partitions.
The disk space used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux must be separate from the disk space used by other operating systems you might have installed on your system.


For IBM Power Systems servers, at least three partitions (/, swap and a PReP boot partition) must be dedicated to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
To install Red Hat Enterprise Linux you must have a minimum of 10 GB of space in either unpartitioned disk space or in partitions which can be deleted. For more information on partition and disk space recommendations, see the recommended partitioning sizes discussed in Section, “Recommended Partitioning Scheme”.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux requires minimum the following amount of RAM:
Installation type Minimum required RAM
Local media installation (USB, DVD) 1,280 MiB
NFS network installation 1,280 MiB
HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP network installation 1,664 MiB
Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux using a Kickstart file has the same minimum RAM requirements as a manual installation. However, if you use a Kickstart file that runs commands which require additional memory or write data to the RAM disk, additional RAM might be necessary.
For more information about the minimum requirements and technology limits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology capabilities and limits article on the Red Hat Customer Portal.