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30.2. Text Mode

If you installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux without the X Window System, the Initial Setup starts in text mode:
Initial Setup in text mode

Figure 30.4. Initial Setup in text mode

To configure an entry, enter the menu number and press Enter. Additionally, you can press the following keys:
  • q to close the application. Until you accepted the license agreement, closing the application causes the system to reboot.
  • c to continue. Pressing this key in a submenu returns you to the main menu. In the main menu, pressing the c key stores the settings and closes the application. Note that you cannot continue without accepting the license agreement.
  • r to refresh the menu.
Menu entries can have different statuses:
  • [x]: This setting is already configured. However, you can change the setting.
  • [!]: This setting is mandatory but not yet set.
  • [ ]: This setting is optional and not yet set.
To start the Initial Setup again, see Section 30.3, “Starting Initial Setup Manually”.