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Chapter 29. Upgrading Your Current System

The procedure for performing an in-place upgrade on your current system is handled by the following utilities:
  • The Preupgrade Assistant, which is a diagnostics utility that assesses your current system and identifies potential problems you might encounter during or after the upgrade.
  • The Red Hat Upgrade Tool utility, which is used to upgrade a system from Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6 to version 7.


In-place upgrades are currently only supported on AMD64 and Intel 64 (x86_64) systems and on IBM Z (s390x). Additionally, only the Server variant can be upgraded with Red Hat Upgrade Tool.
Full documentation covering the process of upgrading from an earlier release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is available in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Migration Planning Guide.
You can also use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Upgrade Helper to guide you through migration from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to 7.