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Chapter 17. Connecting to the installation system

After the Initial Program Load (IPL) of the Anaconda installation program is complete, connect to the IBM Z system from a local machine, as an 'install' user, using an ssh connection.
You need to connect to the installation system to continue the installation process. Use a VNC mode to run a GUI-based installation or use the established connection to run a text mode installation.
Additional resources:
For more information about installing VNC and various VNC modes for GUI-based installation, see Chapter 25, Using VNC

17.1. Setting up remote connection using VNC

From a local machine, run the steps below to set up a remote connection with the IBM Z system.
  • The initial program boot is complete on the IBM Z system, and the command prompt displays:
    	Starting installer, one moment...
            Please ssh install@my-z-system (system ip address) to begin the install.
  • If you want to restrict VNC access to the installation system, then ensure inst.vncpassword=PASSWORD boot parameter is configured.
  1. On the command prompt, run the following command:
    $ssh install@my-z-system-domain-name
    $ssh install@my-z-system-IP-address
  2. Depending on whether or not have you configured the inst.vnc parameter, the ssh session displays the following output:
    When inst.vnc parameter is configured:
    Starting installer, one moment...
    Please manually connect your vnc client to my-z-system:1 (system-ip-address:1) to begin the install.
    When inst.vnc parameter is not configured:
    Starting installer, one moment...
    Graphical installation is not available. Starting text mode.
    Text mode provides a limited set of installation options. 
    It does not offer custom partitioning for full control 
    over the disk layout. Would you like to use VNC mode instead?
    1) Start VNC
    2) Use text mode
    Please make your choice from above ['q' to quit | 'c' to continue | 'r' to refresh]:
    If you have configured the inst.vnc parameter, proceed to step 5.
  3. Enter 1 to start VNC.
  4. Enter a password, if you have not set the inst.vncpassword= boot option, but want to secure the server connection.
  5. From a new command prompt, connect to the VNC server.
    $vncviewer my-z-system-ip-address:display_number
    If you have secured the connection, use the password that you have entered in the previous step or the one that you had set for inst.vncpassword= boot option.
    The RHEL installer is launched in the VNC client.