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Appendix F. Reference Table for ext4 and XFS Commands

XFS replaces ext4 as the default file system in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This table serves as a cross reference listing common file system manipulation tasks and any changes in these commands between ext4 and XFS.

Table F.1. Reference Table for ext4 and XFS Commands

Task ext4 XFS
Creating a file system mkfs.ext4 mkfs.xfs
Mounting a file system mount mount
Resizing a file system resize2fs xfs_growfs [a]
Repairing a file system e2fsck xfs_repair
Changing the label on a file system e2label xfs_admin -L
Reporting on disk space and file usage quota quota
Debugging a file system debugfs xfs_db
Saving critical file system metadata to a file e2image xfs_metadump
[a] The size of XFS file systems cannot be reduced; the command is used only to increase the size.