28.8. Creating a System Image with Image Builder

The following steps below describe creating a system image.


Image Builder is available as a Technology Preview. See the Technology Preview Features Support Scope for more details.
Customers deploying Image Builder are encouraged to provide feedback to Red Hat.


  • You have opened the Image Builder web console interface in a browser.
  • A blueprint exists.


  1. Locate the blueprint that you want to edit by entering its name or a part of it into the search box at top left, and press Enter.
    The search is added to the list of filters under the text entry field, and the list of blueprints below is reduced to these that match the search.
    If the list of blueprints is too long, add further search terms in the same way.
  2. On the left side of the blueprint, press the Create Image button that belongs to the blueprint.
    A pop-up window appears.
  3. Select the image type and architecture and press Create.
    A small pop-up in the top left informs you that the image creation has been added to the queue.
  4. Click the name of the blueprint.
    A screen with details of the blueprint opens.
  5. Click the Images tab to switch to it.
  6. The image that is being created is listed with the status Pending.


    Image creation takes a longer time, measured in minutes. There is no indication of progress while the image is created.
    To abort image creation, press its Stop button on the right.
  7. Once the image is successfully created, the Stop button is replaced by a Download button. Click this button to download the image to your system.