3.5. Basic Image Builder command-line commands

The Image Builder command-line interface offers the following sub-commands.

Blueprint manipulation

List all available blueprints
# composer-cli blueprints list
Show a blueprint contents in the TOML format
# composer-cli blueprints show BLUEPRINT-NAME
Save (export) blueprint contents in the TOML format into a file BLUEPRINT-NAME.toml
# composer-cli blueprints save BLUEPRINT-NAME
Remove a blueprint
# composer-cli blueprints delete BLUEPRINT-NAME
Push (import) a blueprint file in the TOML format into Image Builder
# composer-cli blueprints push BLUEPRINT-NAME

Composing images from blueprints

Start a compose
# composer-cli compose start BLUEPRINT COMPOSE-TYPE
Replace BLUEPRINT with name of the blueprint to build and COMPOSE-TYPE with the output image type.
List all composes
# composer-cli compose list
Cancel a running compose
# composer-cli compose cancel COMPOSE-UUID
Delete a finished compose
# composer-cli compose delete COMPOSE-UUID
Show detailed information about a compose
# composer-cli compose info COMPOSE-UUID
Download image file of a compose
# composer-cli compose image COMPOSE-UUID

Related information

  • The composer-cli(1) manual page provides a full list of the available sub-commands and options:
    $ man composer-cli
  • The composer-cli tool provides help on the sub-commands and options:
    # composer-cli compose list