1.2. Image Builder terminology

  • Blueprints Blueprints define customized system images by listing packages and customizations that will be part of the system. Blueprints can be edited and they are versioned. When a system image is created from a blueprint, the image is associated with the blueprint in the Image Builder interface of the RHEL 7 web console.
    Blueprints are presented to the user as plain text in the Tom’s Obvious, Minimal Language (TOML) format.
  • Compose Composes are individual builds of a system image, based on a particular version of a particular blueprint. Compose as a term refers to the system image, the logs from its creation, inputs, metadata, and the process itself.
  • Customization Customizations are specifications for the system, which are not packages. This includes user accounts, groups, kernel, timezone, locale, firewall and ssh key.