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6.2. Resource Properties

The properties that you define for a resource tell the cluster which script to use for the resource, where to find that script and what standards it conforms to. Table 6.1, “Resource Properties” describes these properties.

Table 6.1. Resource Properties

Your name for the resource
The standard the script conforms to. Allowed values: ocf, service, upstart, systemd, lsb, stonith
The name of the Resource Agent you wish to use, for example IPaddr or Filesystem
The OCF spec allows multiple vendors to supply the same resource agent. Most of the agents shipped by Red Hat use heartbeat as the provider.
Table 6.2, “Commands to Display Resource Properties”. summarizes the commands that display the available resource properties.

Table 6.2. Commands to Display Resource Properties

pcs Display Command Output
pcs resource list Displays a list of all available resources.
pcs resource standards Displays a list of available resources agent standards.
pcs resource providers Displays a list of available resources agent providers.
pcs resource list string Displays a list of available resources filtered by the specified string. You can use this command to display resources filtered by the name of a standard, a provider, or a type.