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10.2. Quorum Administration Commands (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 and Later)

Once a cluster is running, you can enter the following cluster quorum commands.
The following command shows the quorum configuration.
pcs quorum [config]
The following command shows the quorum runtime status.
pcs quorum status
If you take nodes out of a cluster for a long period of time and the loss of those nodes would cause quorum loss, you can change the value of the expected_votes parameter for the live cluster with the pcs quorum expected-votes command. This allows the cluster to continue operation when it does not have quorum.


Changing the expected votes in a live cluster should be done with extreme caution. If less than 50% of the cluster is running because you have manually changed the expected votes, then the other nodes in the cluster could be started separately and run cluster services, causing data corruption and other unexpected results. If you change this value, you should ensure that the wait_for_all parameter is enabled.
The following command sets the expected votes in the live cluster to the specified value. This affects the live cluster only and does not change the configuration file; the value of expected_votes is reset to the value in the configuration file in the event of a reload.
pcs quorum expected-votes votes