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4.2. Configuring Timeout Values for a Cluster

When you create a cluster with the pcs cluster setup command, timeout values for the cluster are set to default values that should be suitable for most cluster configurations. If you system requires different timeout values, however, you can modify these values with the pcs cluster setup options summarized in Table 4.1, “Timeout Options”

Table 4.1. Timeout Options

--token timeout Sets time in milliseconds until a token loss is declared after not receiving a token (default 1000 ms)
--join timeout sets time in milliseconds to wait for join messages (default 50 ms)
--consensus timeout sets time in milliseconds to wait for consensus to be achieved before starting a new round of member- ship configuration (default 1200 ms)
--miss_count_const count sets the maximum number of times on receipt of a token a message is checked for retransmission before a retransmission occurs (default 5 messages)
--fail_recv_const failures specifies how many rotations of the token without receiving any messages when messages should be received may occur before a new configuration is formed (default 2500 failures)
For example, the following command creates the cluster new_cluster and sets the token timeout value to 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds) and the join timeout value to 100 milliseconds.
# pcs cluster setup --name new_cluster nodeA nodeB --token 10000 --join 100