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4.3. Configuring Redundant Ring Protocol (RRP)


Red Hat supports the configuration of Redundant Ring Protocol (RRP) in clusters subject to the conditions described in the "Redundant Ring Protocol (RRP)" section of Support Policies for RHEL High Availability Clusters - Cluster Interconnect Network Interfaces.
When you create a cluster with the pcs cluster setup command, you can configure a cluster with Redundant Ring Protocol by specifying both interfaces for each node. When using the default udpu transport, when you specify the cluster nodes you specify the ring 0 address followed by a ',', then the ring 1 address.
For example, the following command configures a cluster named my_rrp_clusterM with two nodes, node A and node B. Node A has two interfaces, nodeA-0 and nodeA-1. Node B has two interfaces, nodeB-0 and nodeB-1. To configure these nodes as a cluster using RRP, execute the following command.
# pcs cluster setup --name my_rrp_cluster nodeA-0,nodeA-1 nodeB-0,nodeB-1 
For information on configuring RRP in a cluster that uses udp transport, see the help screen for the pcs cluster setup command.