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3.3. NFS Share Setup

The following procedure configures the NFS share for the NFS daemon failover. You need to perform this procedure on only one node in the cluster.
  1. Create the /nfsshare directory.
    [root@z1 ~]# mkdir /nfsshare
  2. Mount the ext4 file system that you created in Section 3.2, “Configuring an LVM Volume with an ext4 File System” on the /nfsshare directory.
    [root@z1 ~]# mount /dev/my_vg/my_lv /nfsshare
  3. Create an exports directory tree on the /nfsshare directory.
    [root@z1 ~]# mkdir -p /nfsshare/exports
    [root@z1 ~]# mkdir -p /nfsshare/exports/export1
    [root@z1 ~]# mkdir -p /nfsshare/exports/export2
  4. Place files in the exports directory for the NFS clients to access. For this example, we are creating test files named clientdatafile1 and clientdatafile2.
    [root@z1 ~]# touch /nfsshare/exports/export1/clientdatafile1
    [root@z1 ~]# touch /nfsshare/exports/export2/clientdatafile2
  5. Unmount the ext4 file system and deactivate the LVM volume group.
    [root@z1 ~]# umount /dev/my_vg/my_lv
    [root@z1 ~]# vgchange -an my_vg