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A.3. PCP Installation

The most recent tested version of PCP should be available to download from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 repositories.
The debugfs file system must be mounted in order for the GFS2 PMDA to operate correctly. If the debugfs file system is not mounted, run the following commands commands before installing the GFS2 PMDA.
# mkdir /sys/kernel/debug
# mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
The GFS2 PMDA is not enabled by default upon installation. In order use GFS2 metric monitoring through PCP, you must enable the GFS2 domain agent. Use the following commands to install PCP and the GFS2 PMDA module and to enable GFS2 PMDA. Note that the PMDA install script must be run as root.
# yum install pcp pcp-gui pcp-pmda-gfs2
# cd /var/lib/pcp/pmdas/gfs2
# ./Install
When running the PMDA installation script, you will be prompted for which role you would like the PMDA to take:
  • collector allows the collection of performance metrics on the current system
  • monitor only allows the system to monitor local system or remote systems or both local and remote system
  • both enables both the collector and monitor configurations
In most cases the default choice (both collector and monitor) is sufficient to allow the PMDA to operate correctly.
# ./Install 
You will need to choose an appropriate configuration for installation of 
the "gfs2" Performance Metrics Domain Agent (PMDA). 

  collector	collect performance statistics on this system 
  monitor	allow this system to monitor local and/or remote systems 
  both		collector and monitor configuration for this system 

Please enter c(ollector) or m(onitor) or b(oth) [b] 
Updating the Performance Metrics Name Space (PMNS) ... 
Terminate PMDA if already installed ... 
Updating the PMCD control file, and notifying PMCD ... 
Waiting for pmcd to terminate ... 
Starting pmcd ... 
Starting pmlogger ... 
Check gfs2 metrics have appeared ... 316 metrics and 205 values
If there are any errors or warning with the installation of the GFS2 PMDA, make sure that PMCD is started and running and that debugfs is mounted (there may be warnings in the event that there is not at least one GFS2 file system loaded on the system).


When installing the GFS2 PMDA on cluster nodes the default choice for PMDA configuration (both) will be sufficient to allow the PMDA to run correctly. On workstation machines where you intend just to monitor the data from remote PCP installations, it is recommended you you install the PMDA as a monitor.