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1.4. DM Multipath Components

Table 1.1, “DM Multipath Components”. describes the components of DM Multipath.

Table 1.1. DM Multipath Components

dm_multipath kernel module Reroutes I/O and supports failover for paths and path groups.
mpathconf utility Configures and enables device mapper multipathing.
multipath command Lists and configures multipath devices. Normally started with /etc/rc.sysinit, it can also be started by a udev program whenever a block device is added.
multipathd daemon Monitors paths; as paths fail and come back, it may initiate path group switches. Allows interactive changes to multipath devices. The daemon must be restarted following any changes to the /etc/multipath.conf file.
kpartx command Creates device mapper devices for the partitions on a device. It is necessary to use this command for DOS-based partitions with DM Multipath. The kpartx command is provided in its own package, but the device-mapper-multipath package depends on it.