Chapter 5. Setting up to Measure Performance of Applications

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes several applications that can help a developer identify the causes of application performance loss.

  1. Select the Debugging Tools, Development Tools, and Performance Tools Add-ons during system installation to install the tools OProfile, perf, and pcp.
  2. Install the tools SystemTap which allows some types of performance analysis, and Valgrind which includes modules for performance measurement.

    # yum install valgrind systemtap systemtap-runtime
  3. Run a SystemTap helper script for setting up the environment.

    # stap-prep

    Running this script installs very large kernel debuginfo packages.

  4. For more frequently updated versions of SystemTap, OProfile, and Valgrind, install the Red Hat Developer Toolset package perftools.

    # yum install devtoolset-9-perftools

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