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Chapter 2. Setting up to Manage Application Versions

Effective version control is essential to all multi-developer projects. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is distributed with Git, a distributed version control system.

  1. Select the Development Tools Add-on during the system installation to install Git.
  2. Alternatively, install the git package from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux repositories after the system is installed.

    # yum install git
  3. To get the latest version of Git supported by Red Hat, install the rh-git227 component from Red Hat Software Collections.

    # yum install rh-git227
  4. Set the full name and email address associated with your Git commits:

    $ git config --global "full name"
    $ git config --global "email_address"

    Replace full name and email_address with your actual name and email address.

  5. To change the default text editor started by Git, set the value of the core.editor configuration option:

    $ git config --global core.editor command

    Replace command with the command to be used to start the selected text editor.

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