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Chapter 3. Setting up to Develop Applications Using C and C++

Red Hat Enterprise Linux best supports development using the fully compiled C and C++ programming languages.

  1. Select the Development Tools and Debugging Tools Add-ons during the system installation to install the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and GNU Debugger (GDB) as well as other development tools.
  2. Latest versions of GCC, GDB, and the associated tools are available as a part of the Red Hat Developer Toolset toolchain component.

    # yum install devtoolset-9-toolchain

    NOTE: Red Hat Developer Toolset is shipped as a Software Collection. The scl utility allows you to use it, running commands with the Red Hat Developer Toolset binaries used in preference to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system equivalent.

  3. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux repositories contain many libraries widely used for the development of C and C++ applications. Install the development packages of the libraries needed for your application using the yum package manager.
  4. For graphical-based development, install the Eclipse integrated development environment. The C and C++ languages are directly supported. Eclipse is available as part of Red Hat Developer Tools. For the actual installation procedure, see Using Eclipse.

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