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Chapter 6. GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 does not support applets, which were used to customize the default GNOME 2 interface in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. GNOME 3 replaces applets with GNOME Shell extensions. Extensions can modify the default GNOME Shell interface and its parts, such as window management and application launching.

6.1. Replacement for the Clock Applet

GNOME 2 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 featured the Clock applet, which provided access to the date, time, and calendar from the GNOME 2 Panel. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, that applet is replaced by the Clocks application, which is provided by the gnome-clocks package. The user can access that application by clicking the calendar on GNOME Shell's top bar and selecting Open Clocks.
Open Clocks

Figure 6.1. Open Clocks

Getting More Information

See Section 11.1, “What Are GNOME Shell Extensions?” for more detailed information on what GNOME Shell extensions are and how to configure and manage them.