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Chapter 8. Internationalization

8.1. Input Methods

The default input framework for the GNOME Desktop in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is IBus (Intelligent Input Bus). It integrates with GNOME 3 and includes a user interface for input method selection.

8.1.1. Configuring and Switching Input Methods

Users can use the Region & Language panel in the GNOME Settings to configure their input methods. More information on using input methods can be found in GNOME Help. To access it, press the Super key to enter the Activities Overview, type help, and then press Enter.
For non-GNOME sessions, IBus can configure both XKB layouts and input methods in the ibus-setup tool and switch them with a shortcut.
The default shortcut to switch input sources is Super+Space. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the shortcut was Ctrl+Space.

8.1.2. Predictive Input Method for IBus

ibus-typing-booster is a predictive input method for the IBus platform. It predicts complete words based on partial input, allowing for faster and more accurate text input. Users can select the required word from a list of suggestions. ibus-typing-booster can also use Hunspell dictionaries to make suggestions for a language.

8.1.3. IBus in the GNOME Desktop Replaces im-chooser

Because IBus is now integrated with the GNOME Desktop, im-chooser is deprecated except for using non-IBus input methods.