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9.6. GSettings Keys Properties

You can set a GSettings key in a dconf database only once. If you set the same key to different values in different places in the dconf database, only one of them will take effect. In other words, you will override one key setting with another.
In each dconf system database, each key can only have one value. Values for some keys are of an array type. For this value type, the value can be specified as a list of multiple elements separated by a comma. An example of an array value is shown below:
key=['option1', 'option2']

Example 9.3. The org.gnome.desktop.input-sources.xkb-options GSettings Key

Setting the org.gnome.desktop.input-sources.xkb-options GSettings key works as follows. It can only be set once, so if you want two elements in the value you need to specify them in the same configuration file. Since this value is an array type, it can have several elements:
# Enable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace for all users
# Set the Right Alt key as the Compose key and enable it
xkb-options=['terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp', 'compose:ralt']