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Chapter 7. gnome-session

The gnome-session program has also been updated in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. It starts the GNOME Desktop as it used to; nonetheless, some of its components have changed.
The gnome-session-properties application is still part of the gnome-session package. However, its functionality has been limited to managing startup programs for individual users, and saving currently running applications when logging out. The latter functionality has been kept from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
named session
The Save now button is able to save a session in a specific time and to name it. The saved sessions are restored on login. When you click Automatically remember running applications when logging out in gnome-session-properties, the list of saved applications is shown on login as well.
With this update, it is also possible to create multiple layouts and rename them, or to be able to select multiple user sessions for one user account.

Getting More Information

For detailed information on session management, see Chapter 14, Session Management.
For information on how to manage startup (autostart) applications for all users, see Section 14.3.5, “Adding an Autostart Application for All Users”.