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Chapter 49. System and Subscription Management

YUM 4 available as Technology Preview

YUM version 4, a next generation of the YUM package manager, is now available as a Technology Preview in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Extras channel.
YUM 4 is based on the DNF technology and offers the following advantages over the standard YUM 3 used on RHEL 7:
  • Increased performance
  • Support for modular content
  • Well-designed stable API for integration with tooling
To install YUM 4, run the yum install nextgen-yum4 command.
Make sure to install the dnf-plugin-subscription-manager package, which includes the subscription-manager plug-in. This plug-in is required for accessing protected repositories provided by the Red Hat Customer Portal or Red Hat Satellite 6, and for automatic updates of the /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo file.
To manage packages, use the yum4 command and its particular options the same way as the yum command.
For detailed information about differences between the new YUM 4 tool and YUM 3, see (BZ#1461652, BZ#1558411)
For instructions on how to enable the Extras channel, see the Knowledgebase article How to subscribe to the Extras channel/repo.