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Chapter 10. Hardware Enablement

genwqe-tools rebased to version 4.0.20 on IBM POWER

The genwqe-tools packages have been rebased to version 4.0.20 for IBM POWER architectures. This version provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version, most notably:
  • CompressBound has been fixed
  • Debugging tools have been added
  • The genwqe_cksum tool has been fixed
  • Missing manual pages in the spec file have been fixed
  • New compiler warnings have been fixed
  • Z_STREAM_END detection circumvention has been improved (BZ#1521050)

Memory Mode for Optane DC Persistent Memory technology is fully supported

Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory storage devices provide data center-class persistent memory technology, which can significantly increase transaction throughput.
To use the Memory Mode technology, your system does not require any special drivers or specific certification. Memory Mode is transparent to the operating system.