Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Chapter 23. New Drivers

Network Drivers

  • Thunderbolt network driver (thunderbolt-net.ko.xz).
  • AMD 10 Gigabit Ethernet Driver (amd-xgbe.ko.xz).

Storage Drivers

  • Command Queue Host Controller Interface driver (cqhci.ko.xz).

Graphics Drivers and Miscellaneous Drivers

  • DRM GPU scheduler (gpu-sched.ko.xz).
  • Closed hash table (chash.ko.xz).
  • RMI4 SMBus driver (rmi_smbus.ko.xz).
  • RMI bus.
  • RMI F03 module (rmi_core.ko.xz).
  • Dell WMI descriptor driver (dell-wmi-descriptor.ko.xz).
  • Intel® PMC Core Driver (intel_pmc_core.ko.xz).
  • Intel® WMI Thunderbolt force power driver (intel-wmi-thunderbolt.ko.xz).
  • ACPI Hardware Watchdog (WDAT) driver (wdat_wdt.ko.xz).
  • IIO helper functions for setting up triggered buffers (industrialio-triggered-buffer.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Pressure (hid-sensor-press.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Device Rotation (hid-sensor-rotation.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Inclinometer 3D (hid-sensor-incl-3d.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor trigger processing (hid-sensor-trigger.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor common attribute processing (hid-sensor-iio-common.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Magnetometer 3D (hid-sensor-magn-3d.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor ALS (hid-sensor-als.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Proximity (hid-sensor-prox.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Gyroscope 3D (hid-sensor-gyro-3d.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Accel 3D (hid-sensor-accel-3d.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Hub driver (hid-sensor-hub.ko.xz).
  • HID Sensor Custom and Generic sensor driver (hid-sensor-custom.ko.xz).