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Chapter 61. System and Subscription Management

Red Hat Satellite 5.8 availability of RHEL 7.6 EUS, AUS, TUS, and E4S streams delayed

Red Hat Satellite 5 content ISOs are made available on a monthly cadence. Based on this cadence, content ISOs are not available through Red Hat Satellite 5.8 for the following RHEL 7.6 streams at the time of the RHEL 7.6 general availability:
  • Extended Update Support (EUS)
  • Advanced Update Support (AUS)
  • Telco Extended Update Support (TUS)
  • Update Services for SAP Solutions (E4S)
The expected delay is two to four weeks. Note that Red Hat Satellite 6 instances are unaffected.
See for more details. (BZ#1635135)