Chapter 34. Servers and Services

pxlcolor and pxlmono now work correctly

Previously, the pxlcolor and the pxlmono drivers in the Ghostscript interpreter did not function correctly. As a consequence, the drivers were likely to ignore a selection of a paper tray for certain printers, therefore only a specific paper tray was selected. This update applies a patch, which fixes the issue. As a result, the selection of different paper trays now works as expected in the described scenario. (BZ#1551782)

The nuxwdog service starts correctly when a sub-CA is installed

Previously, if a sub-CA was installed, the nuxwdog service did not allocate enough memory. As a consequence, the service failed to start. This update fixes the problem. As a result, nuxwdog starts correctly in the mentioned scenario. (BZ#1615617)

Augeas reads /etc/fstab with white spaces more reliably

Previously, Augeas was not able to parse lines in the /etc/fstab file if they had white spaces at the beginning. This sometime caused problems in software tools that use Augeas, such as the virt-v2v utility or the Puppet management tool. With this update, the Fstab lens of Augeas correctly ignores white spaces at the beginning of lines. As a result, Augeas now reads /etc/fstab as expected. (BZ#1544520)