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Chapter 30. Kernel

libcgroup no longer truncates the values of cgroup subsystem parameters that are longer than 100 characters

Previously, the internal representation of a value of any cgroup subsystem parameter was limited to have the length of 100 characters at maximum. Consequently, the libcgroup library truncated the values longer than 100 characters before writing them to a file representing matching cgroup subsystem parameter in the kernel. With this update, the maximal length of values of cgroup subsystem parameters in libcgroup has been extended to 4096 characters. As a result, libcgroup now handles values of cgroup subsystem parameters with any length correctly. (BZ#1549175)

The mlx5 device no longer contains a firmware issue

Previously, the mlx5 device contained a firmware issue, which caused that the link of mlx5 devices in certain situation dropped after rebooting a system. As a consequence, a message similar to the following was seen in the output of the dmesg command:
mlx5_core 0000:af:00.0: Port module event[error]: module 0, Cable error, Bus stuck(I2C or data shorted)
The issue is fixed in the latest firmware of this device. Contact your hardware vendor for information on how to obtain and install the latest firmware for your mlx5 device. (BZ#1636930)