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Chapter 28. Hardware Enablement

The lsslot -cpci command now correctly reports PCI slot types

Prior to this update, the lsslot -cpci command reported PCI slot types as <literal>Unknown slot type</literal>. With this update, the bug has been fixed, and lsslot utility reports PCI slot types correctly. (BZ#1592429)

The drmgr -C command now loads the rpadlpar_io kernel module

Previously, the drmgr -C command did not select hotplug types. As a consequence, the rpadlpar_io kernel module was loaded only when one of the following hotplug types was explicitly selected: pci, phb or slot. With this update, the underlying source code has been fixed, and the command drmgr -C now loads rpadlpar_io. (BZ#1540067)

Diagnostic utilities now display CPU frequency values correctly

Due to a delay in the CPU cycle counter, diagnostic utilites, such as lscpu, in some cases reported an incorrect CPU frequency value. With this update, the affected utilities display correct values and report an error if the accurate value currently cannot be detected. (BZ#1596121)

The ppc64_cpu utility no longer fails when reading CPU frequency

Previously, the ppc64_cpu utility failed when reading CPU frequency. With this update, a thread is created for each of the CPUs if the number of CPUs in the system is less than CPU_SETSIZE, or only CPU_SETSIZE threads are created. As a result, the described problem no longer occurs, and ppc64_cpu no longer fails. (BZ#1628907)