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Chapter 37. Virtualization

Guests no longer shut down unexpectedly during reboot

On a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 guest running on qemu-kvm-1.5.3-139.el7, if the i6300esb watchdog was set to poweroff, the watchdog was triggered when shutting down due to the timeout being calculated incorrectly. Consequently, when rebooting the guest, it shut down instead. With this update, the timeout calculations in qemu-kvm have been corrected. As a result, the virtual machine reboots properly. (BZ#1470244)

Guests accessed using a serial console no longer become unresponsive

Previously, if a client opened a host-side pseudoterminal device (pty) on a KVM guest pty serial console and did not read from it, the guest in some cases became unresponsive because because of blocking read/write calls. With this update, the host-side pty open mode was set to non-blocking. As a result, the guest machine does not become unresponsive in the described scenario. (BZ#1455451)

virt-v2v now warns about not converting PCI passthrough devices

The virt-v2v utility currently cannot convert PCI passthrough devices and thus ignores them in the conversion process. Prior to this update, however, attempting to convert a guest virtual machine with a PCI passthrough device successfully converted the guest, but did not provide any warning about the ignored PCI passthrough device. Now, converting such a guest logs an appropriate warning message during the conversion. (BZ#1472719)

When importing OVAs, virt-v2v now parses MAC addresses

Previously, the virt-v2v utility did not parse the MAC addresses of network interfaces when importing Open Virtual Appliances (OVAs). Consequently, the converted guest virtual machines had network interfaces with different MAC addresses, resulting in the network setup breaking. With this release, virt-v2v parses the MAC addresses, if available, of network interfaces when importing OVAs. As a result, network converted guests have the same MAC addresses as specified in the OVAs and the network setup does not break. (BZ#1506572)