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Chapter 29. Hardware Enablement

genwqe-tools updated for IBM Power Systems ppc64 and ppc64le architectures

The genwqe-tools packages have been updated for IBM Power Systems and the little-endian variant of IBM Power Systems. This enhancement update includes the following backported fixes from genwqe-tools master branch:
  • the adler32 detect corruption checksum now returns correction on the deflateSetDictionary() function
  • the deflateSetDictionary() function now returns error on NULL dictionary as required by the spec file
  • The debugger has been removed form the zpipe_rnd.c file
  • Potential overflow in expression has been avoided
  • Out of bounds access and possible resource leak have been fixed
  • To simplify contributions, a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) has been changed to the Developer's Certificate of Origin (DCO)
  • Potential security hole has been resolved
  • The Failure of the Hardware Accelerator Tool genwqe_cksum which causes EEH, has been resolved
Users of genwqe-tools are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements. (BZ#1456492)

Hardware utility tools now correctly identify recently released hardware

Prior to this update, obsolete ID files caused that recently released hardware connected to a computer was reported as unknown. To fix this bug, PCI, USB, and vendor device identification files have been updated. As a result, hardware utility tools now correctly identify recently released hardware. (BZ#1489281)