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Chapter 23. General Updates

runc notifies systemd about user-specified CPU quota limits

Previously, the runc program did not notify systemd about user-specified CPU quota limits when a container was started. Consequently, systemd was unaware of the user-specified limits, and therefore the CPU quota was reset to the default value (unlimited) during the systemctl daemon-reload operation. With this update, runc now notifies systemd about user-specified CPU quota limits when a container is started, and the described problem no longer occurs. (BZ#1455071)

Segmentation faults in applications because of only non-existent paths in LD_LIBRARY_PATH no longer happen

Previously, when the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable contained only non-existent paths, the dynamic loader produced a segmentation fault. Consequently, applications terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault at startup in the described situation. The dynamic loader has been fixed. As a result, applications no longer terminate unexpectedly in the described situation.
Note that updating the glibc package is enough to fix this bug for any affected applications. (BZ#1443236)

The setup package now creates the tape group with the correct group number

Previously, when installing the setup package, the tape group was created with an ID that was inconsistent with all other versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With this update, the group ID has been changed from 30 to the standard 33. As a result, fresh installations of the operating system now have the correct group number for the tape group.
On previously installed systems affected by this problem:
1. Edit the group ID in the /etc/group and /etc/gshadow files.
2. Change the group ownership for all files owned by the former tape group. (BZ#1433020)