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Chapter 27. Desktop

Stylus of Dell Canvas 27 fixed

Previously, Dell Canvas 27 contained a Wacom tablet in which the ranges were offset by default. As a consequence, the stylus mapped to the upper left quarter of the screen. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 supports the stylus of the Dell Canvas 27, making sure coordinates are accurately reported. As a result, the cursor is placed directly under the tip of the stylus as required. (BZ#1507821)

llvmpipe crashes on IBM Power Systems

On the little-endian variant of IBM Power Systems architecture, a race-condition in GNOME Shell code previously caused that, the LLVM engine for Mesa, llvm-private, terminated unexpectedly. This update disables threading in the JavaScript engine which prevents the segmentation fault from occurring. As a result, llvm-private no longer crashes on IBM Power Systems. (BZ#1523121)