Appendix C. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.1-8Mon Feb 04 2019Lenka Špačková
Improved structure of the book.
Revision 0.1-7Thu Sep 13 2018Lenka Špačková
Moved CephFS from Technology Previews to fully supported features (File Systems).
Revision 0.1-6Tue Aug 28 2018Lenka Špačková
Fixed a known issue related to performance loss caused by certain security patches (Kernel).
Revision 0.1-5Tue Jul 31 2018Lenka Špačková
Added a note regarding a change in behavior of the reposync command to New Features (System and Subscription Management).
Revision 0.1-4Tue Jul 17 2018Lenka Špačková
Added a known issue related to LVM handling of incomplete volume groups (Storage).
Revision 0.1-3Wed Jul 04 2018Lenka Špačková
Fixed an option name in the DNS stub resolver improvements description (Networking).
Revision 0.1-2Wed Jun 13 2018Lenka Špačková
Fixed cross-reference links.
Revision 0.1-1Fri May 18 2018Lenka Špačková
Removed a duplicate description.
Updated GNOME Shell rebase description.
Revision 0.1-0Tue May 15 2018Lenka Špačková
Shenandoah garbage collector moved to fully supported features (Compiler and Tools).
Added a description of clufter rebase and of support for Sybase ASE failover to features (Clustering).
Added a known issue related to read-only system configuration (Installation and Booting).
Added several bug fix descriptions (Clustering, Storage).
Expanded Wayland Technology Preview description (Desktop).
Revision 0.0-9Tue Apr 24 2018Lenka Špačková
Moved the tpm2-* packages from Technology Previews to fully supported features (Hardware Enablement).
Added a new OpenSC feature related to CAC Alternate tokens (Security).
Added a known issue related to NSS and smart cards (Security).
Revision 0.0-8Tue Apr 17 2018Lenka Špačková
Updated a recommendation related to the sslwrap() deprecation.
Added a PTP device addition note (Virtualization).
Revision 0.0-7Fri Apr 13 2018Lenka Špačková
Updated a link to Intel® Omni-Path Architecture documentation.
Revision 0.0-6Tue Apr 10 2018Lenka Špačková
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Release Notes.
Revision 0.0-1Wed Jan 24 2018Lenka Špačková
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta Release Notes.