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Chapter 48. Security

The tang-nagios and clevis-udisk2 subpackages available as a Technology Preview

The tang and clevis packages, which are part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Network Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE) project, contain also the tang-nagios and clevis-udisk2 subpackages. These subpackages are provided only as a Technology Preview. (BZ#1467338)

USBGuard is now available for IBM Power as a Technology Preview

The usbguard packages, which provide system protection against intrusive USB devices, are now available. With this update, the USBGuard software framework for the IBM Power architectures is provided as a Technology Preview. Full support is targeted for a later release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Note that USB is not supported on IBM z Systems, and the USBGuard framework cannot be provided on those systems. (BZ#1467369)