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Chapter 64. System and Subscription Management

System upgrade may cause Yum to install unneeded 32-bit packages if rdma-core is installed

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, the rdma-core.noarch packages are obsoleted by rdma-core.i686 and rdma-core.x86_64. During a system upgrade, Yum replaces the original package with both of the new packages, and installs any required dependencies. This means that the 32-bit package, as well a potentially large amount of its 32-bit dependencies, is installed by default, even if not required.
To work around this problem, you can either use the yum update command with the --exclude=\*.i686 option, or you can use yum remove rdma-core.i686 after the upgrade to remove the 32-bit package. (BZ#1458338)